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Farewell for now

Dear readers,
As you all know, this blog was initially started almost 7 years ago with the sole purpose of refuting “cyber scripture experts” like Mahapashupatastra and equally hopeless internet veerashaivas who peddle hurtful lies about Vaishnava gurus and Vaishnavism. We achieved it initially by turning the tables against them, by showing that their own Advaita gurus were originally Vaishnava who were later “morphed” illegitimately into veerashaivas by the hapless followers of Appayya Dikshita and the like. We also showed that Vaishnavism alone is the ultimate purport of the Vedas, Upanishads, Itihasas, Puranas, and Smritis and that this was accepted by neutral scholars. Much of the material in this category was inspired by works such as Paramapadam-residing Sri Puthur Swami’s “Sri Vishnuchitta Vijayam”, “Sankararum Vainavamum”, etc.
Much has been written and discussed in this blog regarding Vishnu paratva. We increasingly feel there is not much more to be said as everything has been established to satisfaction according to us. Additionally, several professional and personal commitments have caught up with us recently. This has very much affected our efficiency at penning new articles as well as reply to user comments. Hence, we would like to suspend all activity on the blog indefinitely. We thank all our readers and commenters. We stop here for now, and the blog no longer accepts new reader comments. We may have left a number of comments unanswered. We duly apologise for that.

As Swami Nampillai says, when the plants are grown, the weeds are removed in the process. Similarly, our focus has always been on establishing the truths of the shAstras, which automatically demolishes false arguments. We hope our readers found our articles beneficial for their sAdhana and reading AchArya srIsUktis.

Some articles still contain a few grammatical errors etc., but nothing deal-breaking -- we believe we have managed to capture the essence of the shAstras.
In case we re-ignite activity on this blog again, we will do so with a journal post and you can subscribe using the RSS feed link. Until then, all articles and comments on the blog are available to read by the public.
Farewell for now.
Jai Sriman Narayana